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Our brand Reinforces Encouragement Using Words. We use a fashionable psychological approach to the pursuit of academic intelligence and excellence. Because everyone will not support your goal or dreams. We know what it feels like to to be pushed in a hole or left alone. So we built our Brand on the story of Joseph Genius 37:1-11 ....

Women's Electric Nectar "Classic Fit" Poplin Twin Cross Pocket Collab

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Women's Intrigue "Classic Fit" Poplin Twin Cross Pocket Collab

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Meet Martha
she is our personal seamstress and tailor. She has over 35 years of sewing, threading, and alterations experience. Martha is a kind spoken, outgoing and reliable individual. Just about every piece we ship out her hands have touched. With grace we sincerely thank her for hard work, dedication and her timely expertise. We wanted to take a moment to give her flowers 💐 Now!!!! THANK YOU for all your SUPPORT and Everything you have done for our BRAND!!!

Motivated Mind

Well this is where it all started. It is our Origins of The Quadratic Design.We started our company with 4 colors. Red,Green,Yellow, and Blue. The Quadratic Brain is the Monarch of THE MOTIVATED MIND CLOTHING BRAND. The words empower what we believe is the MindSet of The MOTIVATED MIND. We challenge you as a Brand to share our Reality by experiencing these Words of ENLIGHTENMENT... Genius 37: 1-11 The Story of Joseph. Remember everyone will not SUPPORT your dreams or goals. So when your pushed in whole or left alone. What will you Do????? The MOTIVATED MIND .......

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