About Us



Well this is where it all started. It is our Origins of The Quadratic Design.We started our company with 4 colors. Red,Green,Yellow, and Blue. The Quadratic Brain is the Monarch of THE MOTIVATED MIND CLOTHING BRAND. The words empower what we believe is the MindSet of The MOTIVATED MIND. We challenge you as a Brand to share our Reality by experiencing these Words of ENLIGHTENMENT... Genius 37: 1-11 The Story of Joseph. Remember everyone will not SUPPORT your dreams or goals. So when your pushed in whole or left alone. What will you Do????? The MOTIVATED MIND .......


Our brand specializes is embroidery, stitching, patching, sewing, threading, labeling and materials. We order and work with several manufacturers, dealers, and Wholesalers to produce the best possible fabrics and garments for a plethora of many styles. We intend to continue to offer the best moving forward as a brand.

Also we work with model, designers and photographers to help.offer the best visual experience for our community.